Travis turned from the dog and let his gaze travel slowly over the books, as if they not only offered the information printed on their pages but also contained an important message that could not be as easily read, as if their colorful Spines were the strange runes of a long-lost language and, once deciphered, would reveal wondrous secrets. Manifestly Miss Longstreth had some difficulty in subduing her emotion.

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  • Cordell had just spoken to a short, stocky man with a bristling beard.
  • Chetti Singh's green Cadillac drew up at the main gates, followed by two greypainted police Landrovers, each filled with uniformed constables. Before long, the scull was gliding up to the ramp of the boathouse.

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    To become a licensed guide, I reply, an Antarean must undergo fourteen years of study, and must also speak a minimum of four alien languages fluently. We said we wouldn't, and he went to a puddle and came back with water in a cup which he had made out of a leaf, and blew upon it and threw it out, and it was a lump of ice the shape of the cup.

    So, you're not interested in him on a personal, man-woman type level? Then one of them recognized him, and they let their weapons fall to their sides.

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    There was noise enough in the direction of the audience chamber; she had a fair notion that at least two or three of Madoc's former allies were fighting their way to the Gate there.

  • They spent the evening decorating their booth and creating a suitable costume for the Mouse, then ate a late dinner in the crew's mess tent and collapsed on the cots that had been provided in the back of their booth. He turned and looked at the little cart that had served them so well so far.
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  • There were a great many animals rabbits and others and every one of them felt sure that this time it was all up with El-ahrairah. In a moment Prue and Piper were left staring at their own incredulous faces.
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